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Dear Policy Makers!

Don’t restrict my access to credit!

The Provincial government is considering changes to the payday loans act that would affect how and when you may be able to access this short-term credit product.

Restrictions they have proposed and are considering include:

  • Waiting period between loans
  • How much you can borrow
  • How many times you can borrow
  • A requirement rather than your option to extend a loan repayment over multiple pays

We understand that your financial decisions are your choice. While we try our best to communicate this to policymakers, it’s important that your voice be heard.

As an Ontarian, you make a difference by speaking up on how important access to this credit product is for you and your family.

Help make sure Ontario moves forward, not backwards, on ensuring unrestricted access to small sum short term loans for everyone.

Please consider signing this petition to protect and preserve your access to credit!

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Dear Members of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services,

This letter is in response to the consultation entitled “Consumer Financial Protection Regulations – Phase 1”.  I am a payday borrower and understand that the Ministry is proposing a number of new regulations that would impact how and when I can access this short-term credit product.

Small-sum loans have helped me when I really needed it.  If the government imposes a cooling-off provision as well as other restrictions and onerous requirements, I may no longer be able to access this valuable form of credit from a safe, licensed lender when financial difficulties arise.

I should have the right to make my own financial decisions without the government restricting the options available to me.  A forced waiting period or other restrictions to how and when I use the product will only end up hurting me and my family by taking away our access to credit.

I know my personal financial situation better than anyone.  Let me decide what’s best for me.


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